Our Philosophy

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About Magi Planet

Delicacy, Innovation, and Sharing are the qualities we emphasize the most. From the mushroom-shaped corn kernels to the popcorn in your hands, we insist on using only the finest ingredients to create our innovative flavors and the astonishing quality that will blow your mind. We have developed new additive-free flavors in recent years and have become the first popcorn producer in Taiwan to receive AA (anti-additive) accreditation. We hope to share our magical products and heartfelt happiness with you because Everything is POPssible!

Our Founder

"We don't sell products that do not taste fantastic, and we cannot accept overly artificial flavors."

How did an engineer turn into an entrepreneur? Through sheer persistence and the creation of popcorn flavors that have taken the world by storm.

Magi Planet CEO Ben founded the company in 2010 with a passion for diverse flavors and quality, tapping into the domestic and overseas markets to become the popcorn brand of choice for W Hotel and THSR. Ben believes that "delicacy knows no boundaries!" Before a product is launched, he makes sure that only the best ingredients are used to produce the spectacular flavors that make the product unique to the market.Before launching the brand abroad, he will personally visit the local market to determine the product attributes that are best suited to local tastes. The aim is to let the consumers experience unprecedented gastronomic enjoyment because where there is Magi Planet, there will be happiness!