Sweet Potato Popcorn➜ Awarded by Anti Additive Association with the highest 3 stars A.A Certification.

Naturally Sweet, Doubly Nutritious
This flavour uses specially selected Tainung yellow sweet potato (for its strong aroma) and purple sweet potato (nutrient-rich) cultivated in a contracted farm in Taiwan. Roasted to perfection without losing their natural sweetness, these sweet potatoes radiate heavenly aroma in your mouth. Our freshly handmade popcorn adds light and crunchy texture to complete the snacking experience.
Net Weight : 110grams
Shelf Life : Six Months
Top Selling Taiwanese Gourmet Popcorn Brand
Hot-Selling popcorn Brand in 16 countries
Non- GMO Corn Kernels
Fine Ingredients
No Preservatives

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Product Name: Magi Planet Popcorn ( Sweet Potato)


Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Kernel (GMO Free), Palm Oil, Sweet Potato, Purple Sweet Potato
● Keep the product at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.
● Must keep sealed after opening.
● Allergy advice: The equipment or production line may be exposed to other products which contain crustacean, peanut, milk, eggs, nuts, beans, gluten and products.
● The ingredients of this product are made from agriculture crops. The color or taste of the popcorn may vary slightly due to different harvesting seasons.

Package Dimension:Depth 8cm x Width 17.5cm x Height 29cm
Net Weight:110g
Shelf Life:Six Months


1.Magi Planet的商品一律是接單後排單生產,下單確認付款後,約3~5天不含例假日完成出貨。
3.配送範圍包含台灣本島、外島地區,外島(澎湖、金門、馬祖、蘭嶼、綠島、小琉球)運費另計,每箱運費80元。 免運門檻為1300元(免運門檻以最終結帳金額為準。如遇特殊活動,以活動計算方式為優先)。

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