Congratulations to Magi Planet Studio for winning the “100 MVP Managers” 2020

2021.01 A chat with the CEO

Hi, I’m Ben the CEO, and I want to share some great news with everyone! In November last year, Magi Planet was awarded “Marketing Innovation Distinction” and have joined the“100 MVP Managers” 2020! Receiving such an honor was special because it had been a most challenging year for companies all around the world, Magi Planet being no exception. Early last year, the pandemic caused a substantial reduction inconsumption because foreign tourists, who usually contribute a most significant portion of our sales, were not allowed into the country. This, and other unforeseen factors, caused the company to lose growth momentum. I was worried that we would not have sufficient cash flow to sustain Magi Planet until the end of the year without cutting back on staff. I discussed the matter with the finance department and prepared for a worst-case scenario. Surprisingly, the team’s marketing innovations helped us grow and unleash our Brand’s distinct advantage in“Learning, Innovation, and Flexibility”!

We delivered a satisfactory result by the end of 2020. This achievement was a culmination of relentless team effort over the last few years! Everyone pulled together and propelled our brand forward against all odds. We upheld an unwavering philosophy of “deliciousness”. More opportunities were created and our overseas markets, including the US, showed remarkable growth. In addition, more overseas collaborative opportunities will arise this year and Magi Planet expects to embrace a more interesting 2021!

“In 2020, we generated more sales on the Double 12 platform in one day than in the entire month of December in 2019!”

In 2020, we celebrated the company’s 10th anniversary. It was truly an important year for Magi Planet. I would also like to remind you about the training courses we provide to ensure continuous growth of our teams. These are very important. Internal changes not only affect the perspective of management, but also ensure that all our employees share a common language and can together face the challenges presented by higher targets. I believe this progress was one of the main reasons we were able to achieve such an exceptional performance last year. We are also constantly achieving interesting results from trying out new marketing models. For example, the generation of more sales on Shopee’s Double 12 platform in one day, more than over entire month of December in 2019, was remarkable. Magi Planet is clearly a company that is open to all possibilities and this performance was really inspiring. “Changes in thinking makes everything more fun!”

“Accompany you every day and on every important occasion, WE DID IT!”

As the premier popcorn brand in Taiwan, so far, we have developed more than 100 different flavors, collaborated with 20 brands, and marketed our products in more than 10 countries. We have sold more than 10 million packs of popcorn, a huge number. Besides allowing more people to enjoy the products of Magi Planet, we continuously develop our brand and all our consumers clearly appreciate our efforts. These now include new products that are made using local food ingredients, the publication of monthly articles, where we share our stories with the media and celebrities. We have also formed strategic alliances for major events. For example, our products were the take-aways of choice at the 2020 Taipei Marathon. Magi Planet Popcorn is with you every day and on every important occasion, we continue to promote our products in every scenario imaginable.

We have announced several major plans for 2021: “The launch of new products, the development of new channels, the enhancement of our brand image, the expansion of production, the building of a new office and the establishment of an official overseas website”. These are some goals we have always pursued and others we are still trying to accomplish. Effort is already underway to make sure that we can continue to satisfy our customers’ needs and remember, Magi Planet always welcomes international talent. Let us embrace the next decade to create exciting and interesting stories together.

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