Each Praise of Deliciousness Embodies Magi Planet's Persistence in Quality and Peace of Mind

"After my first taste of Magi Planet, it became the popcorn I wanted. I love all the different flavors. It is also a fantastic gift as well because I have every confidence in Magi Planet's quality!" This is some of the wholehearted feedback we have received from satisfied, smiling Magi Planet customers.

To live up to customer expectations, we at Magi Planet wish to share the measures we take to safeguard the absolute quality of our popcorn products. Renowned American entrepreneur Jack Welch once said: "Quality is the best guarantee of customer loyalty", this may sound like a cliché, but this is precisely how Magi Planet strives to earn the trust of our customers. In addition to ensuring the extraordinary flavor of our popcorn, we painstakingly examine all raw materials quality through reinforced SOPs and testing processes. This is how we can be sure that the products we offer our customers are safe and pure and that they can enjoy them with absolute peace of mind. This also allows our partners to have complete confidence in our brand.

Our “wide variety of excellent flavors” are the culmination of countless adjustments and improvements made by painstakingly careful trial and error.

After seeing the emergence of a group buying market with domestic as well as overseas channels, we never dreamt of turning our humble storefront operation into an established and well-known brand. Before we regroup and forge ahead into the next decade, we want to review the changes that have occurred over the past 10 years. The most distinctive feature of our products is their packaging–a black aluminum foil bag with the often neglected desiccant which preserves the optimal flavor and texture of our popcorn products. These bags have been changed and improved several times over the years. The shelf life of the popcorn has also been extended as a result of these changes. Overseas market consumers, where shipping times can be quite long, can still enjoy the freshest quality. Although many small details may not be noticed by our consumers, every step taken in quality assurance – even if it means an increase in cost – is deemed necessary by Magi Planet. This is how the brand has garnered invaluable experience and the trust of our customers over the past decade.

Being proactive – Prioritizing “food safety” and “quality” assurance

We have always believed that Magi Planet is a "learn as we grow" kind of brand because we do not have the financial backing of major corporations or groups, and we are certainly not a large, high-end company. For a decade, we have relied on the quality of our products, and every investment is focused on improving Magi Planet products. Our brand has enjoyed unprecedented growth since 2016 and with it has come many collaborative opportunities as well as more regulations and demanding standards from our many partners. Consequently, we have rebuilt much of our software and hardware from scratch to successfully obtain ISO22000, HACCP, and SGS accreditations in a bid to comply with every regulation. To bolster self-management, we have introduced international auditing systems including FSMA, Costco, and Walmart certifications, which allow our products to be scrutinized under more rigorous standards. Moreover, we have strengthened food allergen control and labeling to eliminate consumer doubt about this danger. We have also improved the safety of product materials, production processes and storage, to protect consumer safety and rights.

Magi Planet carefully examines details that are not readily visible to consumers during the production of every bag of popcorn. In terms of internal control, we have learned to implement SOPs and turn passive regulations into proactive self-requirements. For instance, we launched full inspection of all our products in 2018. Existing microbial examination and processes were reinforced to monitor potential risk during every stage of production with the highest standard. Magi Planet strives to ensure the safety, health, and tastiness of our products during production so that consumers can enjoy each bite with peace of mind. Thanks to everyone's support and trust, Magi Planet will embrace more collaborative opportunities both domestic and abroad, and make our presence felt on the international stage through outstanding sales performance. Magi Planet is proud of our exceptional quality, and we want to proclaim to the world that "we are ready!"

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