Conjuring up incredible flavors to set a new trend in popcorn development!

As snack flavors have become more diversified, hot pot, food, and dessert flavors are emerging on the market. However, have you ever thought popcorn could come in so many flavors?Are there any alternatives to the classic caramel and savory butter flavors?

Taiwanese people love spicy hot pots – Sizzling Mala popcorn

Magi Planet has always upheld a passion for new flavor development and thinking outside the box. Sizzling Mala is one such example. After trying endless selections of chilies and making adjustments to reach a perfect ratio between spiciness and numbness, we eventually decided on Sichuan "Da Hong Pao pepper" to create an authentic mala hot pot popcorn. The numb, non-spicy, aroma offers a distinct flavor that has proven to be exceptionally popular. It is one of the Magi Planet innovative flavors that instantly garnered the support of our fans. It also successfully made a positive impression amongst mala hotpot-loving Taiwanese people. Magi Planet satisfies even the most fastidious palates.

Savoring luxurious taste on your palate – Truffle Toffee popcorn

We are always contemplating ways to be more innovative. People in the East use a lot of spices, so what special ingredients from western dining tables could we use to add to our product range?

"How about truffles," suggested a coworker from R&D. As a premium culinary ingredient with the moniker "Diamond of the Kitchen", how do we combine truffles with popcorn? Reimagining snacks as meals is a Magi Planet specialty. With such inspiration in mind, we set out to study the characteristics of truffles and consider how such a flavor could be infused into popcorn. Eventually, we discovered that ground Italian black truffle powder complemented by cocoa and toffee engenders a fusion of sweet and savory taste that not only embodies the original flavor of the ingredients but also showcases the fantastic flavor of truffles. This is a must-try flavor for fine-dining aficionados! We recommend pairing the popcorn with red or white wine to enjoy some me-time.

Refreshingly sweet and delightful – Crystal Salted Caramel popcorn

Our "Crystal Salted Caramel popcorn" is at the pinnacle of creativity because its core ingredient, rock salt, comes from the "Himalayas". Rock salt is the product of the crystallization of unpolluted, natural mineral-rich deep ocean water that took place some 280 million years ago. Himalayan rock salt contains more than 80 different types of mineral. This nutritious, pure salt has a natural pink color and is a premium exotic ingredient! Magi Planet combines "pink Himalayan salt" with handmade "caramel" to create a new, irresistible flavor that has won the hearts of many of our female customers!

Unveiling a brand new 2020 winter-limited product - Gold Leaf Chocolate popcorn

Chocolate is a quintessential winter comfort food. There are a plethora of chocolates on the market, some are rich and some offer a strong flavor, but we seldom see chocolates with gold leaf in them! Adding premium edible gold leaf to popcorn not only subverts the imagination but has also become yet another iconic masterpiece since the inception of the Truffle Toffee. The product aims to introduce creative vibes this winter, it is a perfect dessert, from both a gastronomic and visual perspective. The quality of the safe and non-toxic "snowflake gold leaf", produced by Tsukioka Film Pharma Co Ltd in Japan, is guaranteed and consists of 99.9% gold. It is combined with rich, silky smooth dark chocolate to turn every bite into luxurious enjoyment.

As the year draws to end, let us think back on the wonderful times!

#celebrate the moment.

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