Meticulously selected Taiwanese ingredients open up more possibilities for additive-free popcorn.

Over the last decade, Magi Planet has developed more than 50 different popcorn flavors. We take pleasure in seeing the satisfied expressions on our customers faces after they have enjoyed one of our delicious products. Whether it be a classic flavor, or one you had never even dreamt of, we will bring it to life. We have actively search for local flavors and Taiwan boasts a rich array of ingredients and agricultural products that have what it takes to make their presence felt on the international stage. As a made in Taiwan (MIT) product, how can Magi Planet not capitalize on these fantastic resources? In addition to existing additive-free popcorn, we will invest more resources into making use of our own domestic ingredients to cater to local taste to develop a series of exclusive Taiwanese flavors. Our ultimate objective is to become the icon of MIT snacks and the local snack of choice!

Sweet Potato is a very popular local ingredient that has rewritten our sales records.

The Cane Sugar Caramel from Yujing, Tainan has unadulterated sweetness, and a wonderful aroma.

The "sweet potato" has become a famous local product that has become hugely popular. After its debut in 2019, the flavor became an instant hit. It is now one of our 5 top sellers, a firm favorite among consumers, the press, and celebrities! The product was created using "Tainung number 57 golden sweet potato" and "number 73 purple sweet potato" from the "KK Orchard" in Xinhua, where the vines are grown for 150 days before the tubers are harvested. After repeated R&D and testing, we discovered that most sweet potato-based foods on the market are cooked by "steaming", but we bake them because it brings out the sweetness. The sweet potato is added to the popcorn at high temperature to highlight the aroma and create an irresistible flavor!

Taiwan boasts an abundance of unique agricultural products. We have contracts with the leading sweet potato growers and are able to create delicious "sweet potato popcorn" using natural, additive-free techniques. This product has received "the highest three-star accreditation of Anti-Additive (A.A.) Certification"! The tremendous success of the Magi Planet Sweet Potato popcorn has convinced us that there are many more remarkable ingredients in Taiwan awaiting discovery.
In addition to the "Sweet Potato popcorn", "Cane Sugar Caramel popcorn" is another highly recommended flavor. It also happens to be the first flavor created by Magi Planet that incorporated a local ingredient. White sugarcane from "Yujing", is used as the main ingredient. The sugarcane fields are famous because they are also home to an ingredient of the well-known "SunnyHills pineapple cake". According to Magi Planet R&D staff, local sugarcane production is limited, and it is known for a unique refreshing sweetness. The minerals and nutrients of the native sugarcane product present a special "bitter-sweet" taste to the palate, making it a thoroughly enjoyable popcorn for adults. This flavor has already won the hearts of many gourmands! At Magi Planet, we believe in the purity of the ingredients and no artificial additives are needed. The "Cane Sugar Caramel popcorn" also received a "the highest three-star accreditation of A.A. Certification".


Our Caramel Salted Egg popcorn has been well received among domestic and overseas customers.

Another flavor must be shared with is our "Caramel Salted Egg popcorn" It is 100% locally produced using duck eggs from Pingtung farms. This is another signature creation of Magi Planet that pioneered the market trend towards "salted egg snacks". Two years ago, when we noticed the potential for this flavor in a snack product, "salted eggs" were not yet in vogue in the domestic market. Salted eggs are not an easily sourced ingredient, and an excellent environment is required to minimize the gaminess in duck eggs. Furthermore, ducks do not start laying until they are 120 days old, and this makes the eggs a rather rare ingredient. Eventually, we managed to find an ideal supplier in Pingtung, and the product became an overnight sensation.

An enthusiastic customer asked: "How come your Caramel Salted Egg popcorn is not gamey, and its texture mimics salted eggs perfectly with a flavor very like that of salted egg yolk pastry?" The key to such deliciousness is actually quite simple, a concept we regularly emphasize -- authentic ingredients. The product contains 90% salted egg complemented by powdered Mexican chili to highlight the rich egg aroma, culminating in a nuanced flavor that has proven to be extremely popular.

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