Embracing the next decade of Magi Planet – Let's forge ahead with passion!

Over the past decade, Magi Planet has created countless exciting stories. We may not be the most talented entrepreneurs, but we started with sheer passion and confidence in our products. Throughout the process, we have relentlessly tried innovative approaches, learned from our experience, and prospered. We have succeeded in making a name for ourselves on the global stage as the Magi Planet from Taiwan!

As for the next decade of the brand, we are full of enthusiasm and confidence. We expect the Made in Taiwan snack to become a prominent brand in Asia and this will allow more people from around the world to taste Magi Planet popcorn. There are numerous challenges ahead that need to be overcome for us to reach this objective. The process will not be an easy one but we believe that the fruits of hard work are that much sweeter!

【What are we preparing to do over the next decade?】

Fans often ask: "Now that you have mastered the flavors of popcorn, what other products are in the pipeline?"

As a matter of fact, "launching new products has always been our aspiration"! We also plan to tap into the channels in Taiwan to let our customers purchase Magi Planet popcorn more conveniently anywhere, anytime. We may even unveil "new products" in the future to satisfy the love of flavor that our popcorn has already engendered. We can turn these delicious treats into a medium of exchange and sharing with international consumers! In addition to a smile, we also believe that a "delicious product" can be a universal language. 

【Our partners have always been the most important part of our organization】

We cannot embrace the challenges of the next decade without their support! Karen, a seasoned employee of Magi Planet since the brand was founded, shares her experiences and thoughts with our consumers. Since our humble beginnings, Magi Planet has undergone rebranding and transition to become a reputable company of considerable achievement and scale. Thinking back over the last 10 years, Karen recalls every detail of the brand's evolution! At the time, the company was just a small factory and she was responsible for many different duties. In addition to purchasing, she also participated in several interdepartmental tasks. The company grew in scale and this allowed professional specialization and she could focus her expertise on purchasing.

Karen believes that Magi Planet is a young brand and its founder Ben possesses exceptional business acumen and communication skills that have allowed the opinions of the employees to be heard. This is why she has been able to grow and prosper with Magi Planet over the last 10 years, and she is looking forward to what the brand can achieve in the next ten years. Karen expects Magi Planet to be more than just an iconic Taiwanese snack but also a choice for every foreign traveler visiting Taiwan!

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