Smiling is a universal language, so is the delicious popcorn in your hands!

When speaking about the Magi Planet endeavors and overseas development, brand founder Ben said that the achievements over the last decade were more spectacular than he could ever have imagined when he started the business. Within the decade, after the first successful overseas venture in Malaysia, the brand had tapped into markets in more than 10 countries worldwide. This year, it was introduced to the US and Canada and although 2020 was challenged by the Covid pandemic, it was a special year for Magi Planet! Just as CEO Ben has said, "Everyone knows that popcorn is a popular snack in the west, but I could never have imagined selling westerners their own popular snack, they absolutely love it!" This experience has led Magi Planet to realize that as long as we strive to ensure the quality of our products, the brand will transcend geographical boundaries and language to win the hearts of the consumers!

First moving experience of delicacies without borders – Starting with the Indian market

A year after the brand was founded, Magi Planet successfully made its presence felt in Malaysia and subsequently Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. At the time, brand founder Ben traveled abroad regularly to negotiate business partnerships and Magi Planet was also well received in Hong Kong, Macau, and China. Interestingly, tourists from Hong Kong and Macau contribute the most to the sales of Magi Planet popcorn in Taiwan because, in addition to selling like hotcakes locally, they also purchase Magi Planet as gifts to take back home. Stores in Hong Kong even took the region by storm, with many people lining up outside the stores during business hours to buy cases of Magi Planet popcorn to take back home with them. This year, the brand was introduced to Costco in Shanghai allowing many more Chinese people to enjoy Magi Planet popcorn. Susan, who is in charge of overseas sales, discussed the experience and said that the most memorable countries were "India and Australia", the first non-Chinese markets for Magi Planet. She was touched by the smiles she saw as people tasted popcorn from Asia for the first time. After that there were successful launches of the brand in South Korea, Thailand, the Middle East, and the Philippines.

Selling a mainstream western snack from Taiwan to westerners – An outstanding debut on the Hawaiian market

Magi Planet was launched in Hawaii in 2019 and took the major retail and hypermarket channels by storm. The launch generated astonishing sales performance, and firmly establisheda local presence for the Brand. Magi Planet popcorn can be seen in Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, 7-ELEVEN, chain gas stations, the Navy Exchange (NEX), and community snack shops. The success in the US state of Hawaii revealed the immense potential that exists in the rest of the United States. The North American market is a key development area where a start will be made next year to complete the Magi Planet global empire.

Customized local flavors – Winning the hearts of the world through R&D

R&D and innovative flavors is our forte and the result is a collection of more than 50 different flavors so far. How does Magi Planet manage to sell this most popular western snack to westerners? The answer lies in the texture and gourmet tastiness of our popcorn. Despite popcorn being a regular staple snack in western countries, the selection of flavors has never been so diversified as in the Magi Planet products. Foreign consumers find the range amazing and Magi Planet's social media platforms in different countries are flooded with positive customer feedback. To allow more people in the different markets to embrace Magi Planet popcorn, we have developed exclusive local flavors for them in addition to our classics. Examples are the Singapore exclusive Hainanese Chicken Rice popcorn and Chili Crab popcorn, the Curry popcorn in India and the Furikake(Seaweed) popcorn in Hawaii. Authentic Taiwanese flavors will soon be launched. These were all developed to cater to local taste.

We will uphold such passion and persistence to create more novel flavors to captivate the palate of consumers worldwide! Magi Planet believes that as long as we remain the market leader, knockoff products will not affect us. We also appeal to Magi Planet fans to keep their eyes peeled, do not buy popcorn that has a suspicious origin.

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