Superior Taste! Magi Planet a Popular Brand for Co-Branding

It takes a decade of grinding to make a good sword! For the last 10 years, Magi Planet has focused on how to make popcorn more interesting and flavorsome, and the large number of brands requesting collaboration with us and the launch of many co-branded products serves as a testament to our value. In the era of 1+1>2, firms are looking to increase their brand value and exposure! Magi Planet's popcorn acts as a most skillful salesperson. Our products have taken the snack world by storm with gourmet flavors and the achievement of exceptional sales performance both locally and abroad!

【Hot co-branded products! Collaboration of premier brands fosters a win-win situation】

As an innovator and a Taiwanese brand, Magi Planet embraces all possibilities, striving to develop products with more local ingredients and introduce the flavors of Taiwan to the world. More and more people are becoming familiar with Taiwanese brands through our popcorn. 
For the first co-branding project, we selected local brands "Kuaiche Jerky" and "OK Tea" to launch the "Kuaiche Crispy Jerky Popcorn" and "OK True Milk Tea Popcorn". This creativity attracted market attention and generated remarkable performance in the 7-11 brick and mortar channel. Over the next two years we began a search for more ingredients to develop memorable flavors with Taiwanese characteristics. As a result, our "Sweet Potato Popcorn" was created using Tainung number 57 golden and number 73 purple sweet potatoes from the “KK Orchard”. No additives were used to preserve the original color and taste of the ingredients. After that, we approached Chulu Ranch in Taitung and the result was the release of "Popcorn Mix - Red Oolong Tea x Condensed Milk" using this most renowned tea from eastern Taiwan and condensed milk from the Chulu Ranch, two flavors with triple enjoyment. This was our first release of a mix and match texture!
Many customers are curious to know how we can capture the essence of co-branded flavors. The key lies in our unchanging philosophy of "fantastic taste" followed by creating a classic brand that utilizes only the most basic ingredients to surprise consumers with authentic texture. The most successful co-branded products are "Milkshop Earl Grey Tea Latte Popcorn" and "KiKi Sichuan Pepper Popcorn"! They have not only earned the praise of many media outlets and Internet celebrities, but also the hearts of the consumers, who commend the product for its superb texture and taste!

"We want to offer our customers more than just memorable flavors. We provide popcorn with a top note, a middle note, and base note"

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