Sharing happiness with you! Spreading delicious flavors with mini packs

"We all enjoy happy times, the kind of visceral joy that simply cannot be contained! The first time I saw popcorn being shared among our customers I was overcome by a feeling of achievement because I realized that our products could become a medium for spreading happiness."

                                                                                                                                                                                                          By Magi Planet founder Ben

For a long time, we had been packaging popcorn samples in mini packs for consumers. We never imagined that the petite packages would become a hit. They accidentally turned into a unique functional product! The popcorn mini packs are now very popular for many special occasions such as outdoor activities, gatherings of friends, parties, corporate gifts, afternoon office snacks, wedding gifts, birthday parties, university orientation activities, and many others. Now these little Magi Planet mini packs are also used as hotel guest welcoming gifts, election campaign promotional products and even as temple worship offerings. They have become widely popular!

Genuine feedback from consumers

"I am always scratching my head about gift selections during the major festivals because, to be honest, I am tired of eating those traditional pastries. When I tasted Magi Planet in a department store, I decided that it was the perfect gift for my friends and family."

"Girls have dessert stomachs and we often feel a little peckish in the afternoon, these mini packs are ideal for afternoon tea! They are convenient, come in just the right portion size, and I can share them with my coworkers. Now we buy them in bulk together. 

⇒Product of choice as a guest welcoming gift for THSR business cars and W HOTEL

As early as 2014, Magi Planet was chosen as the W HOTEL guest welcoming gift and this partnership continues today. Many of the well-known hotels, the Fullon Taoyuan, Fullon Kaohsiung, and the Sheraton Hsinchu have all become Magi Planet partners! These hotels are proud of their commitment to providing their guests with premium services, so even the welcoming gifts area meticulously selected delicacy. Magi Planet has become part of the first impression of Taiwanese hospitality.
THSR started putting Magi Planet popcorn mini packs in their business cars in 2017. This company is a provider of motorcar transport between north and south Taiwan for business people and travelers from around the world. In particular, the delicious Corn Soup popcorn has introduced us to more collaborative opportunities, and Magi Planet has become the brand of choice for many enterprises, among these is "Eslite Songyan Cinema".

Started as samples, the popcorn mini packs have evolved into gifts that not only endow snacks with creativity but have also helped to established our reputation and fostered more Magi Planet fans. Currently, a wide selection of combos is available from Magi Planet to cater to diverse needs. Magi Planet – your best partner in gifting!

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