Heartfelt words from store clerks and fans of the Brand: We are proud of the delicious Magi Planet products!

"Hello and welcome! We have free samples of all the available flavors for you to try!"

This is a simple greeting, but because I am so confident about our products I say these words with passion. I am sure all the customers will love our popcorn!"

                                                                                                                        --    Senior employee, Huang Hsiang-Ting (worked for Magi Planet for five years)

Senior employee, Huang Hsiang-Ting always wears a smile and emanates friendly vibes, she has worked for Magi Planet for five years and is a senior store clerk. As a Scorpio, who is passionate about her work, she loves to interact with her customers because it makes her happy to see them smile after trying the product. A particular incident that occurred during the present sad pandemic has made a deep impression on her. An elderly gentleman purchased more than TWD10,000 worth of popcorn for gifts to medical professionals. According to him, Magi Planet popcorn is not only delicious but also makes an excellent gift. He decided to offer them popcorn as snacks that could have when they were catching a break between cases.

Hsiang-Ting: "I think Magi Planet popcorn is delicious and it makes me proud!"

She knows, as a front line employee who has experienced the transformation of the Magi Planet Brand over the last few years, how it has evolved internationally. This is particularly noticeable at the sales counter at the Taipei Main Station which attracts large numbers of tourists from Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Korea. Hsiang-Ting has even honed her Cantonese so that she can chat with them! Her friendly smile and enthusiastic approach makes more people fall in love with Magi Planet!

"I really believe our popcorn has magical powers. I often find that half a pack of  popcorn I have just opened has suddenly gone! I cannot stop, and look forward to what new and innovative flavors they are going to unveil next."

                                                                                                                                               --    Consumer /Wing (a Magi Planet popcorn fan for nine years)

Wing, who has been a Magi Planet popcorn consumer for nine years says:"I have been a Magi Planet fan for a very long time. At first, I helped coworkers place group orders because I thought the popcorn was simply marvelous, and ordered cases at a time. Even now, friends ask me to purchase popcorn for them that they can use as gifts when they travel abroad.

My favorite flavor is "Double Cheese". I just love its mild sweet and savory taste. Magi Planet's layered texture is unrivaled! Another impressive flavor is the "Ruby Chocolate" I bought at a 7-11; its pink color and strawberry bits are delicious. One flavor that serves as a perfect snack to serve at parties is the "Sichuan Pepper Popcorn" launched in collaboration with KiKi. It has a spicy and aromatic taste that is irresistible. The diverse flavors of Magi Planet popcorn cater to the appetite of a wide range of consumers so I always pick some up for gatherings with my friends or when I want to give someone a little gift."

As far as Wing is concerned, enjoying snacks is about happiness.

For years Magi Planet has continued to launch innovative flavors to maintain an element of surprise and expectation for customers like Wing.

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