Exclusive! Secrets to the tastiness of Magi Planet popcorn

The meticulously selected corn kernels boast a prestigious lineage!

After tasting Magi Planet, it is very unlikely that you will go back to eating conventional popcorn.

Today, we will reveal the secret that makes our product so very special. Everyone will understand that it is a labor of love that turns the golden corn kernels into a top-notch delicacy!

♦The plump, round shape results from the use of one of two different types of kernel.

Generally, corn kernels can be of two kinds, one is like a "mushroom" in shape the other is more like a "butterfly". The latter is commonly seen in the popcorn offered in cinemas around the world and everyone must be familiar with them. Magi Planet uses "mushroom-type corn kernels" that are not only plump and round, but also offer delightful crunchy texture when eaten. They are also more expensive than conventional corn kernels!

♦Consistently high standards + rigorous quality control procedure

"The production area, season, climate, storage temperature and humidity" are all key factors that affect corn kernel quality, which in turn directly influences the "puffiness", "water content", "aroma", and "texture" of the popped corn. After countless tests to confirm the quality and production reliability of many different samples of corn from America, South Africa, French, and Spain, we eventually settled on "non-GMO corn kernels" from the United States. 

"We are not afraid to let you try our many different popcorns, we are afraid that you have not tried them yet!" says Brand founder Ben

No one imagined that popcorn can be offered in so many flavors ranging from popular basic flavors to some innovative flavors that will blow your mind.

All Magi Planet popcorn go through the following procedures:

♦Exclusive recipe and precision control – Every popcorn flavor involves a different set of SOPs!

Oil, corn kernels, and sugar are measured into the pot and stirring is done using a proprietary machine. The temperature and amount of flame are carefully monitored because a change in one of the processes will affect the entire batch. The key lies in maintaining consistency, color, and size of the popcorn, from the adding of the ingredients to the pot to taking out the finished product 10 minutes later. The process must be completed in this time and every second counts.

♦Combining rational data with an emotional palate to determine the most suitable amount of sugar needed.

Brand founder Ben has a scientific background, and the entire process is "data-driven". This has become a basic standard on which Magi Planet quality is measured. Sugar is a very important ingredient. After studying the composition, structure, and texture of sugars from several different countries, we approached food science experts for advice. We finally came up with the perfect ratio that not only enhances popcorn texture, but also offers the most nuanced sweetness.

♦Myriads of variations and textures – any flavor is possible

Over the last decade we have developed more than 50 different flavors, and now Magi Planet is striving towards a completely "additive-free" product. Moreover, we have joined forces with local brands and formed strategic alliances to unleash people's imaginations towards popcorn! In the early years, we varied our flavors by sprinkled powders. This was followed by drizzled seasonings. Ultimately, we have been able to integrate both techniques to endow popcorn with an element of fun.

♦Only popcorn with a diameter of more than 1cm ispackaged and delivered to the consumer. 

Magi Planet popcorn customers are often surprised by the consistency of the sugar coating on the popcorn and the uniformity of size. The key lies in the "unique 1cm sieving technique" that eliminates popped corn with flaws, or those with a diameter smaller than 1cm, to make sure consumers can enjoy the best and most uniform quality popcorn.

Uncompromising quality – We share simple new gastronomic experiences with you!

Whether it is to be a gift, or enjoyed yourself, Magi Planet offers the widest range of the most authentic flavors available.

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