Choosing the most challenging and spectacular markets

Choosing the most challenging and spectacular markets

Who would have thought that a cinema snack could one day become a star product? Our first store in Xinyi Eslite marked the beginning of our adventure. With fantastic products backing our brand, Magi Planet has changed the actual perception of popcorn over a single decade.

By opening pop-up stores in department stores, we gained an opportunity to meet international tourists. In the second year, we ventured into our first overseas market (Malaysia) from Taiwan, which was followed by Indonesia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Brunei, and the Philippines. After establishing a strong foothold in Southeast Asia, we are now propagating the gourmet flavors of our Taiwanese brand to places like Hong Kong, China, Dubai, the US, Hawaii, South Korea, Canada, and other parts of the world.

"There was a period when we were red hot in the online group buying market," says Magi Planet  CEO Ben.

"But group buying is a short-term strategy, we want to establish a brand, not just a popular store."

In the years after 2016, Magi Planet embarked on a journey to transform our brand inspired by the core concepts of "Delicacy, Innovation, and Sharing" through a series of B2B and B2C developments. During this stage of the transformation process, the brand grew by leaps and bounds, and a new business model made it possible for us to be more widely recognized. As a result, we were honored to join forces with W HOTEL, THSR, 7-11, and several other co-branding partners.

These collaborations have led to additional opportunities both domestic and abroad. In 2020, Magi Planet was officially launched by Costco in Hawaii, and we intend to move into the Continental United States next!

Next step: "To become a prominent snack brand in Asia!"

We grow great by dreams, Magi Planet has become a renowned popcorn brand over the last decade, and we aspire to forge ahead into the next. Brand founder Ben is ambitious and says: "I hope Magi Planet will become a prominent snack brand in Asia."

Although it may sound like an extremely challenging goal, making the impossible possible is part of the Magi Planet DNA! We plan to develop more products, tap into more international markets, and create more possibilities. Everything is POPssible!

When asked about his secret in generating over TWD 100 million in revenue, Ben does not talk about the management principles usually associated with a large high-end company; instead, he insists on staying true to his original aspirations. Certainly, he has encountered setbacks over the decade of his entrepreneurial career, but he has already found answers during the process:"Try not to let yourself down in everything you do! As long as you have a clear conscience, nothing will be unsolvable."

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