2010 Founded Planet Popcorn, and the first store was opened – Xinyi Eslite Store

2011 Expanded to the overseas market for the first time – Malaysia

2012 Expanded to Indonesia and Singapore

2013 Expanded to Hong Kong and China

2014 Expanded to Brunei and India

2014 Collaborated with W Hotel for the first time to provide guests with popcorn as a welcoming gift

2015 Expanded to Macau and Australia

2015 Collaborated with a boutique brand for the first time to launch custom flavored popcorn

2016 Expanded to South Korea and Thailand

2016 Rebranded as Magi Planet, symbolizing magical popcorns with boundless flavors!

2016 Featured on the cover of Business Weekly with the headline "Taiwanese Popcorn Takes 11 Countries by Storm"

2017 Expanded to Dubai

2017 Collaborated with THSR for the first time to provide unique flavored popcorn in the business car

2017 Introduced to supermarkets for the first time

2018 Expanded to the US and the Philippines

2019 Expanded to Europe and Hawaii

2019 Introduced to hypermarkets for the first time

2020 Expanded to Japan

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