Peace Of Mind Guarantee

Five Major Guarantees of Peace of Mind


Guarantee 1

Production line personnel wear protective clothing that is sterilized in a professional air shower room, and high-performance filters are used to remove dust and any other unwanted particles from the factory environment to ensure healthy and safe production.

Guarantee 2

Insistence in the golden 5 minutes rule. Each procedure of popcorn production including popping, stirring, sifting, and cooling is closely monitored to absolutely ensure the best flavors.

Guarantee 3

The bespoke stove cooks the popcorn at 180 degrees. The product is then passed through the a 1cm sieve to ensure consistent size and remove any that have an undesirable appearance to ensure premium product quality.

Guarantee 4

Besides a comprehensive quality assurance system, we also voluntarily submitting our products to SGS for testing, and our factory is HACCP/ISO 22000-accredited to reinforce the safety of our ingredients.

Guarantee 5

A test report of each popcorn product is available on the trace-book system of the Food and Drug Administration. This ensures food safety and also offersthe consumer peace of mind.

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