Fine Ingredients

Fine Ingredients

Popcorn has always been synonymous with the concept of sharing. Appreciate the splendor of each fluffy morsel and savor the unique flavors of the many different Magi Planet popcorns. Gastronomy can be so simple and enjoyable.

Gourmet secret 1: The non-GMO mushroom popcorn kernels from the US are considered to be amongst the top 2% of all premium US corn kernels. Each plump kernel exudes the rich, irresistible aroma of corn to keep you coming back for more.

Gourmet secret 2: The trehalose used in the product is imported from Japan. It has a refreshing taste, is slightly sweet and has very stable quality. With only 40% sugar, our popcorn is made with healthy, natural ingredients and offers light, sweet flavors that you can enjoy with absolute confidence.

Gourmet secret 3: How do we make sure everyone will enjoy our products with peace of mind? We insist on additive-free production where each delicious flavor is developed aftera meticulous ingredient search, market research, and countless tests. That is the magic of Magi Planet.

Gourmet secret 4: In recent years, a careful search has revealed many safe, locally-produced ingredients to be available in Taiwan. For instance, the Sweet Potato flavored popcorn is produced using sweet potatoes cultivated by K K Orchard, a contract grower in Xinhua, Tainan, while the Cane Sugar Caramel flavored popcorn is produced using sugarcane extract from Sunnyhills in Yujing, Tainan. This preserves the essence of the ingredients.

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